Thursday, November 23, 2017

LAZADA Great Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!


Hari ni lazada buat Baby Fair..pagi-pagi buta aku dah sibuk beli susu..murah weiii...sbb dia ada kasi voucher..gedebak gedebuk susu dutch lady tu aku dpt dalam rm16+..Baby Fair dah setle..esok Lazada buat Black Fiday sales pulak..bertabahlah ye..time gaji masuk ni laa ko nak buat mcm2 sales lazada oiii...haihhhh


Cyber Monday is basically an annual sale that takes place on the first Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a follow-up sale of Black Friday, a major sale that usually takes place on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday & Cyber Monday are ones of the largest sales in the world, with a wide range of products on sale for ridiculously great prices and deals. Now is the time of the year again for the long awaited Black Friday 2017 and Cyber Monday 2017 sale! Lazada Malaysia is making sure that Malaysians will not miss out on this craze too. If you have been waiting for so long to get the items that you have been wanting for all this while, now is the time more than ever to get them! To make things easier for you, on this page, you can find assortments of products that are offered and organized under one roof for your convenience. Luggage bags, memory cards, cameras, camera accessories, cookware and many other products are now awaiting you to make a stop here! Don't have the time to sit in front of your desktop or laptop to shop? No worries, simply download the latest Lazada Malaysia mobile app! Now you can take part of these sales even when you are on the move!

Why Should You Shop during Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sales?

  • Up to 80% off with free shipping nationwide, 0% installment and Buy 1 Free 1 deals!
  • You can shop products and items from a wide array of categories with ease through your desktop/laptop or your mobile app.
  • There are wide ranges of products and items on sale.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

McDonald's McCafe® Latte (Small) at HALF Price on 22 November 17


Skrg slalu beno hujan..Hujan-hujan cenggini mmg syok laa kalo minum coffee..korang kalo suka minum kopi..haa ni aku nak bgtau..McCafe ada buat promo utk Latte..half price utk hari ni saje ye..nak tau lebih lanjut korang bleh baca detail kat bawah..or korang klik je link aku bg tu..ada dlm web McD..

McDonald's McCafe® Latte (Small) at HALF Price 
McDonald's McCafe® Latte (Small) at HALF Price on 22 November 17

Coffee lovers rejoice! It’s time for HALF PRICE WEDNESDAY. Enjoy a McCafe® Latte (Small) at half the price on 22 November 2017.

Just show this post to our barista at your favourite McDonald’s® Malaysia restaurant to enjoy the offer. It’s that simple!

Click Here for McDonald's Post

• Available at all McCafe® nationwide (including East Malaysia)
• Redeemable from 8:00am – 10:00pm
• Limited to one redemption per receipt
• Not available through Drive-ThruTM and McDeliveryTM
• Other terms & conditions apply
Changes to terms applicable to all.

Promotion start from 22/11/2017 until 22/11/2017

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Lazada Big Baby Fair


23 hb Nov ni result UPSR keluar..23 Nov ni GAJI pun keluar sama..untuk yg ada anak kecik tu...buleh la standby duit utk laburkan kat sini ye...happy shopping u alll..jgn lupa shooping pakai shopback ye..mana yg blom register shopback bleh register kat link bawah nii..


Big Baby Fair in Malaysia: Get the Best and the Latest of Baby Products!

Attention, parents! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 BIG BABY FAIR will be happening on Lazada from 23 to 27 November, and we want you to be part of the celebration! ❤ The best of all? We are also giving out 15 Big Baby Fair Vouchers for you to shop for your loved ones during the sale! 😍 Shop for Assortments of Baby Care and Baby Products Online, Up to 80% Off! You can also shop a wide variety of baby products from local and international brands that are well-known for baby care such as Drypers, MamyPoko, Huggies, PetPet, Dutch Lady, Sweet Cherry, PONEY, Anakku, Philips Avent and many others! During the fair, you can also find some of the exclusive deals and offers that you would not want to miss! You can enjoy Free Shipping, Vouchers, Unbeatable Deals and Combo Deals such as Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Buy More Save More, Special Bundles, Bank Partnerships and Gift With Purchase throughout the sale period too! You can download and install LAZADA App for you to not miss the online greatest deals. You can also follow our special hashtags - #BigBabyHero and #BigBabyFair where you can keep track on what are the latest or special offers that are exclusive to social media users only. What else are you waiting for? Visit this baby fair this November, and give your baby the best of baby care today!  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart Promosi November! Beli 2 Percuma 1 Setiap Selasa!


Sebelum ni aku tak penah rasa pun tart nii..tapi si Pinas asik duk cite pasal Hokkaido Cheese Tart ni..sampai la dia belikan utk kiteorg semata nak bg rasa...huhuhuhu...tapi mmg sedap laaa...utk yg gemarkan cheese tart sure suka laa..aku makan bile rasa nak aku nak share utk korg yg suka makan cheese tart..hokkaido cheese tart ada buat promo every Tuesday..utk bulan ni je ye...beli 2 percuma 1..sila pi serbu bulan ni saje..bulan lain x layan..😜😜😜😜 kla...till next entry..babaiiiii

Image may contain: food and text 
 Tarikh Promosi: 14, 21, 28 November 2017.
Semua outlet Cawangan Semenanjung Malaysia

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Secret Recipe Slice Cake 50% OFF Promo Nov 2017


Attention to all Secret Recipe Cake Lover..siap sedia ye...20hb ni korg bleh serbu secret recipe..sbb ape??haa..tgk gambo bawah nii..

Sehari saje ye.. 20 NOVEMBER 2017...beli satu slice..2nd purchase korg dapat 50% off..huhuhuhu... ape tunggu lagii...mark dalam kalender korg ye..

Location: All storewide excluding KLIA, PGIA, Subang Skypark, KTIA PPUM, Tapah R&R, Medini Mall and Kuching International Airport.
Terms & Conditions:
  • Valid for dine in or take-away on 20th November 2017 only.
  •  Whilst stocks last
  • Valid for all Regular, Premium and 1KG Square Cakes excluding brownies and Chocolate Lava.
    Discount will be applicable to the slice of equal or lower value.
  • Valid at all outlets nationwide excluding KLIA, PGIA, Subang Skypark, KTIA PPUM, Tapah R&R, Medini Mall and Kuching International Airport.
  • Not Valid with other on-going bank promotions, bank discounts, priviledges, set meals or offers.
  • Pricing is inclusive of 6% GST and subject to 10% Service Charge where applicable.

Friday, November 17, 2017

AirAsia Free Seat 2018 / 2019 Promotion November 2017


Huhuuhu..dia maii lagiiiiii...sori laa...aku lambat nak tepek iklan ni dlm blog..sbb 2 hari aku x sempat nak update blog..Air Asia dah start jual free seats ye..start 13-19 Nov...kot korg ada plan nak jenjalan tahun depan..bleh laa riki2 tiket..mana tauu dpt harga yg best..mcm aku ni..tahun depan cuti2 dibekukan..sebab anak dara aku nak apa tunggu lagi..lekas-lekas laa klik link aku bg kat bawah ni ye..

AirAsia Free Seat 2018 booking promotion starts on 13 – 19 November 2017, onwards fly to all domestic and internationals fares from price as low RM0 for travel on 7 May 2018 – 31 January 2019

Terms & Conditions :
  • A non-refundable processing fee is applicable for payments via credit, debit or charge card.
  • AirAsia Fare includes fuel surcharges and airport taxes (except for selected airports where airport tax is collected at the point of departure).
  • Seats are limited and may not be available on all flights.
  • Valid for new purchases only. 
  • All fares are quoted for single journey (one-way) only.
  • All taxes must be paid at the time of purchase unless otherwise stated.
  • Foreign fares are subjected to currency exchange rates.
  • Offer is subject to availability and AirAsia’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage.
  • No refunds are permitted after payment has been made.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Kenny Roger Roaster OMG Majestic Meal RM9.90 Promotion


Hari tu aku ada share kupon SUBWAY kan..selamat dah pi beli subway..berbaloi2..hahahahla ni nak share Keny Rogers plak..aku suka jugak makan Kenny Rogers..sbb anak-anak aku suka makan mac and cheese..Now dorg tgh promo Majestic meal..aku x penah try lagi nasi-nasi kat Kenny Rogers tu...tapi tgk yg ni mcm menarikkkk jer..harga pun kebabommm...jom kita pi tryyyy jommm..

The promo is available ALL DAY from 13th November until 7th January 2018.  

Terms and Conditions:

1. Available at all Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurants in Malaysia, except Genting Highlands 
2. Not available for ROASTERS Delivery/ Catering.
3. Discounted item is not exchangeable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
4. Purchase of discounted item is not entitled for any KRR Card bonus.
5. Not valid with other offers/discounts /promotions.
6. All prices above are final price.
7. Final price inclusive of 6% GST (Good and Service Tax) except for Langkawi.
8. The management reserves the right to replace promotion item with item of similar value without prior notice. 9. Prices vary based on location.
10.Products shown are for illustration purposes only.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Kelas Pengajian Al-Quran di Bandar Baru Bangi




🅾Satu kelas 5 org sahaja (maksimum)
🅾Seminggu 2 kali (1 bulan 8 kali)
🅾Konsep: 1 to 1 (Tasmie)
🅾Masa belajar: 1 jam
🅾Hari: Isnin - Ahad
🅾Waktu: 8.30 pagi -10.00 mlm


🅾Satu kelas 2 org sahaja (maksimum)
🅾Seminggu 2 kali (1 bulan 8 kali)
🅾Konsep: 1 to 1 (Tasmie)
🅾Masa belajar: 1 jam
🅾Hari: Isnin - Ahad
🅾Waktu: 8.30 pagi -10.00 mlm

Tenaga pengajar yg berpengalaman:

✔Lulusan bidang Al-Quran Wal Qiraat Shoubro Mesir
✔Pernah berkhidmat di Institut Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Hj Hassanal Bolkiah Brunei
✔Hakim musabaqoh Al-Quran
✔Imam terawih sekitar Bangi & Putrajaya

🏢Kelas diadakan di :
No. 31-1-1 A, Jalan PB2B Seksyen 9, Bdr Baru Bangi

☎ 019-2029251☎
(Ust Marzuki)


#kelasmengaji #mengaji #kelasquran #kelasalquran #mengajibangi

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Penggal Persekolahan 2018


Kejap sungguh laaa masa berlalu..aku rasa mcm baru je lagi masuk tahun 2017...tup tup nak abis tahun dah...memandangkan aku ni slalu gatal kaki..asik nak tahun depan anak plak exam x bleh nak cuti suke ati mak nenek aku aku tepek laaa jadual penggal persekolahan 2018 kat sini...utk rujukan diri aku sendiri jugok... 

No automatic alt text available.

No automatic alt text available.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Macam mana nak buat bayaran ansuran di LAZADA


Weekend baru ni lazada and the geng buat sales 11.11.2017 kan..banyaklaa online shop yg buat sales time 11.11 tuu...kebetulan aku kije weekend tu..syok weiii cuci mata...gatei je tgn ni nak membeli weiii..tapi kuuuu tahannnn jebatttt...ada satu benda menarik yg aku tgk...apedia??tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. 

ko tgk weii..dulu aku beli phone ni jadik rm698..oh mennnnnggggggg..demmmm..dah la buleh bayar installment dgn 0% INTEREST at all...huhuhu..tapi yg sadisnya..bila aku baca komen kat bawah..adeii..ramai weii yg tanya cemana nak bayar installment..sampaikan ado yg tanya..buleh x mai kutip bulan2 bayaran tu kat ghumoh..adeii..memandangkan aku tgk ramai yg tertanya-tanye cemana nak buat installament...meh laa aku ajo ye..cemana caranya..dengan harapan dapat la membantu korg pasni..

Memula skali...korg pilih la brg ape korang nak aku nak remind..x semua brg bleh installment yoo..kalo kat situ dia dia ada tulis intsallment mcm dalam gambo ni..maksudnye bleh laa bayar ansuran ye..contoh mcm gambo kat atas tu laaaaa...

Pastu korang cek out laaa ye mcm biasa...

 Pastu nanti akan keluar semua detail korang kat situ...alamat etc..itu pun kalo korg dah sign up laaa..kalo x sign up lagi...ko isi la detail semua kat situ...pehtu korg klik je proceed to pay..

Haaaa..nampak tuu...kat sini laa nanti ko kena pilih cara pembayaran..ko nampak maybank credit card istalment tu??haaa...ko klik situ yeee....

 haaa..kat sini nanti ko masuk laa ko punya no card etc ye..pastu klik je review order n step seterusnya sampai ko berjaya beli brg ko nak tu..setle...

selamat ber online shopping ye...till next entry...babaii..

Friday, November 10, 2017

Cara Untuk Mencari Kupon Lazada Dengan Mudah


Hari ni aku nak share satu benda lagi dengan korang..kan aku dah kata..aku suka shopping hari ni aku nak tunjuk mcm mana cara nak cari kupon LAZADA dengan mudah..Cara-cara dia korang boleh tgk kat bawah nii..


1. Memula korang bukak web LAZADA 
2. Cari barang apa yg korang nak kat situ.
3. Copy link/url brg yg korg search dekat LAZADA
4. Paste link yg korang copy tadi dekat LazadaSaver

 Tadaaaa...dah kluar voucher...korg just click dekat button hijau tu utk tgk voucher kupon..agak2 kalau x clear...korg pi jer page LazadaSaver tu...dorg ada tunjuk step by step kat sana...klaaa...till next entry..babaiii

Thursday, November 9, 2017

9 Cara Latih Anak Bebas Pampers


Image result for potty train 


Tahun depan anak aku Fawwaz dah masuk 3 tahun..Aku rasa at that time..ok dah kot aku potty train dia...tapi tu laaa...nak kena tengok dulu keadaan time tu..dia dah ready n faham bahasa ke idok..kalau ok..baru aku bleh cuba tips-tips kat bawah ni kat Fawwaz..

1. Simpan Karpet

Bagi hint kepada anak yang kita nak melatih dia untuk buang air kecil dan besar dekat toilet. Sekurang-kurangnya biarlah 3-7 hari lebih awal.Boleh bisikkan semasa mereka dalam fasa tidur-tidur ayam. Waktu ini minda separa sedar mereka lebih mudah menerima arahan.Ketepikan semua kapet atau apa saja yang ada di atas lantai, yang akan membuatkan kerja lebih leceh jika anak terbabas.
2. Beli Seluar Yang Selesa Untuk Anak

Beli seluar yang senang buka. Jangan nak ikut fesyen sangat, sampai nak buka seluar pun ambil masa sampai 5 minit.Ada anak yang tak suka pakai seluar dalam. Jadi biarlah ikut keselesaan dia.Sediakan juga toilet bowl yang sesuai dengan usia mereka. Kadang-kadang kesian tengok anak bertungkus lumus mencangkung atau panjat tandas duduk.

3. Gunakan Bahasa Yang Anak Mudah Faham

Gunakan bahasa yang mereka mudah faham. Contohnya ‘shee’ untuk buang air kecil atau ‘yak’ untuk buang air besar.
4. Kerapkan Tanya Anak

Kerap tanya dan kerap bawa anak jalan-jalan dalam toilet. Hari pertama, bolehlah mulakan dengan setiap setengah jam. Tapi biasanya orang buat dua jam sekali, tengok banyak mana anak minum.

5. Jangan Lupa Puji

Puji anak setiap kali mereka berjaya buang air dalam toilet. Jangan sesekali tunjuk yang anda kecewa dan marah mereka bila anak terbabas.Kalau terbabas, katakan dengan lembut, “Tak apa sayang, kita cuba lagi, ok? Sayang ibu terlupa nak pergi toilet, ye?”

6. Bagi Ganjaran

Tak perlu bagi mahal-mahal, bagi sticker hello kitty setiap kali anak berjaya buang air dalam toilet pun dia dah cukup happy.

7. Letak Plastik Atau Pelapik

Pada peringkat awal, ibu bapa boleh letakkan pelapik atau alas pada tempat tidur mereka. Gunakan alas yang kalis air. Jadi, tak perlulah nak jemur tilam hari-hari.

8. Rajin Singgah Toilet Semasa Keluar Berjalan

Jangan kelirukan anak, masa nak berjalan je ibu bapa pakaikan pampers. Sebabnya takut anak terbabas.Ini salah ya. Ibu bapa kena rajin singgah toilet dan pastikan anak betul-betul boleh ingat yang dia dah tak pakai pampers.

9. Kencing Dulu Sebelum Tidur

Ini part penting. Sebelum anak tidur, pastikan mereka kencing dulu. Kalau tertidur, kejutkan mereka supaya pergi kencing dahulu dan kemudian baru sambung tidur.

Sumber: Mingguan Wanita

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Subways Value Coupons


Korang suka makan subway?aku suka..ari2 asik makan nasik...boring weiii...skali skala nak jugak tukar selera mat salleh..kebetulan aku ada nampak kupon ni melintas kat Facebook cepat2 aku save n tepek dalam blog...sbb valid sampai 2 Jan 2018..korg just tunjuk kupon ni time nak order nanti..apa tunggu lagii...cepat2 laa download kupon2 ni yeee...







Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Shopping sambil dapat CASHBACK


Hari ni aku nak share satu benda yg menarik kat korg..sesuai laa utk sesapa yg suka shopping hotel online..pendek kate semua yg online laaa..Mcm aku..aku suka shopping brg kat lazada..and aku jugak suka check in check out hotel..korang nak x..bila korg shopping..korang dapat balik cashback kat korg..haa...kalau nak...apa yg korang perlu buat memula ialah..klink link yg aku bg nii..

korang kena sign up dulu...then..every time ko nak beli brg dr lazada ke..nak booking hotel pakai agoda or ke...korang kena masuk ke web SHOPBACK dulu..

 Ni kalau korg pakai apps...see..mcm2 ada dalam ni..FAVE..LAZADA..EXPEDIA..each shop akan bg beberapa percent cashback bila korg buat pembelian melalui shopback..Nampak tak my total cashback tu?haa...tu la dia cashback yg ada dalam akaun aku..ada yg bleh redeem dah..ada yg kena tunggu sampai dateline..

 haaa..yg ni semua cashback yg on the way utk di redeem..bertabahlah menunggu ye...tapi sapa nak bg pitih camni weii..ko beli..ko dpt balik duit..walaupun sket..hahhaa...aku suke booking hotel...sbb byk sket cashback yg aku bleh dpt..kalau beli brg dekat lazada kadang dpt laa cashback rm 2 rm3..jadi laaaa...sket sket..kalu kumpul lama-lama jadi banyak jugok..

 yg bleh redeem baru rm13.25..yg lain masih pending..lupa nak bgtau korg...nanti korg bleh share link korg and invite member-member utk shopping thru shopback..nanti bila kwn korg dah start membeli n guna shopback..korang akan dpt bonus rm5 tuu..satu kepala rm5 apa lagi...meh laa register..klik dekat link yg aku bg tu..sama2 laa kita ngumpul duit yeee...till next entry..babaiii..